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Weekend Specials, Radio Show, and Life

Weekend Specials, Radio Show, and Life.

via Weekend Specials, Radio Show, and Life.


Lots of new offerings, weekend specials and updates.  I’ll be bringing this blog back to life also.  Stay tuned :-)

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Soul Interaction Weekly Update 4/28/2014

Soul Interaction Weekly Update 4/28/2014.

via Soul Interaction Weekly Update 4/28/2014.


Yoga as Ritual

india-yoga_1666113iWe step into class.  We roll out our yoga mats.  We gather our tools: blocks, straps, blankets.  We set the tone for the journey that is about to unfold before us.  Yoga is a beautiful thing.  We each come to class for our own reasons, we set our individual intentions, and we bring the mystery of our lives to our mats.  As the class begins, we harmonize with others and begin to share our journey.  Yoga is community.  Yoga is much more than just physical movement.  Each time we do a downward dog, or take a deep breath we are breathing with everyone that has ever done those things, is doing those things.  Showing up is the first, and often the hardest step.  This is where the magic of your journey begins.


Yoga means to “yoke”, to unite, to bring together.  What in your life are you coming into union with?  What needs to be balanced?

One of the things that I hope to explore through this blog is how yoga can be used to enact magic in our everyday experience.  Yoga is breath, connected to movement, connected to energy, connected to will, engaging desire, and blessed with beautiful uncertainty.  Yoga is a lesson in learning to trust.  We learn to trust the instructor.  We learn to trust our own bodies.  We begin to step into a process that may be new and dangerous, but that is life… and what keeps us moving.

Our yoga mats are sacred space.   I often encourage my students to lay on their mats at home if they are facing struggle and uncertainty.  Our yoga mats are places of power, they hold the energy of our classes and are blessed by breath and sweat.  Just taking a moment outside of class to find where our practice intersects with our lives invites our practice into the other parts of self.

What is yoga to you?  What questions do you have?  Feel free to ask them below and I’ll try to address them in future posts.

You are Loved.  You are Beautiful. You are Divine.

Namaste :)

Mike Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT





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And…. we are back

I took an extended hiatus from this blog for a few reasons, but feel that it is time to breathe a bit of life back into her sails.  I recently made some pretty big transitions, and I am in a place now where I can explore my many facets, and this blog is one of my outlets.

Just to update:

I moved from DC to South Carolina.  The transition has been an interesting one.  Change has not just been a constant over the past few months.  Now, I am feeling more settled.  I am feeling more balanced with the geographic shift, but also in my own skin.  When we move through massive transition, it may feel like we are losing a lot, we lose stability, and we feel off balance… but, in actuality we are getting an opportunity to drop old masks, and examine who we truly are evolving into.

So, be sure to follow my radio show: www.blogtalkradio.com/michaelbrazell

My other blog: www.soulinteraction.com is geared towards soul evolution, engaged community action, and activism

My youtube channel:  www.youtube.com/soulinteraction  where I am going to be posting yoga videos, meditations, discussion, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

As always,


You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.

Mike Brazell

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Moving the Body, Engaging the Storm

indexThe storm is upon us.   The body follows the mind, and right now stress seems to be permeating the global experience.  Now, more than ever physical body spiritual practices important for connection and stepping into the storm.  Things are not easy for many right now (but when are they truly ever easy).  We are getting to step into our tests in new ways, and as we step into engaging spirituality, the divine, and intuition we cannot forget to include the body.  The body follows the mind.  When we are crippled by stress or overwhelmed by life the body reacts.  For many this means sore backs, achy joints, loss of mobility or even sickness.  The phrase “I’m worried sick”, become literal.

When we move the body, we are moving energy.  When we sweat we are building heat, we are breathing, we are engaging stagnation that might reside in the body.  This all helps us to move into the life experience we are facing off our yoga mats.  A lot of times I know my students come to class to get away from the storm.  They hope to leave it behind for the 90min that we are together.  They hope that by avoiding the chaos that it might disappear.  I encourage a different approach.  When we invite our chaos to the mat, when we invite it to the practice we engage the storm, we get to play in the puddles, and we move the energy.  We are not empowering the chaos, but we are proactively engaging it.  We burn off the physical and mental stress, and invite the body into the spiritual process.

You can use any physical body practice to do this work.  I recommend yoga because it elongate the body, opens the joints, we are engaging in focused breathing, and each asana is a meditation.  Spirituality is built into the yoga practice.  Start your practice with an intention.  If you are inviting life to the mat you could start like this: “Beloved chaos, I invite you to the mat… flow through me, ignite my body,  bring clarity to my mind, and let’s be at peace.”

Yesterday as I was walking home, my umbrella fell apart.  For a moment, I felt anger surge through me.  I did not avoid or run away from being angry, I sat with it.  Then I looked at my mangled umbrella, the up at the gray sky and laughed.  I l asked the rain to cleanse me, and perhaps that was the gift my umbrella was offering me.   I was able to engage the storm in a literal experience, and it was beautiful

Where is the storm in your life?  What do you do to engage the storm?

You are loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.



Mike Brazell

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Pilgrimage to the Heart (Part 2)

543428_10200973243806535_281176769_nI’ve really been taking my time writing this follow-up post.  There is a lot changing for me, not only in the way I am personally engaging my spirituality and path, but how I am relating to other.  Lots of wonderful movement is occurring, and my biggest lesson is stepping back and allowing the changes to take place.  I think too often I get in my own way, I feel that I “have to do”, rather than just hold presence.  Taking the trip to South Carolina opened me up to a lot of things that I needed to see.  I won’t be sharing all of the changes here, as those are meant just for me.  My journal is now my constant companion, as is a mala (I take different ones out depending on the day, my mood, and which one calls to me from my altar).

I had the opportunity to sit with my past in interesting ways.  I found a stack of my old journals.  Many of them leading up to my transition to DC, and I even found one that I kept for my first year in the Navy.  Seeing my personal transformation through these texts really brought me into a deep place of gratitude for where I am, and all the beautiful trials and tribulations along the way.  Getting to be with family helped me to root, to ground, and to just be me for a bit.  I didn’t have to be a teacher, a student, a psychic, a healer, and sometimes when we have the opportunity to step out of our roles we shake the wrinkles out–then we put our multicolored coats on once again.

Now that I am back into my routine, I am getting to live a lot of the changes that I experienced on my Pilgrimage.  I am in the process of de-cluttering my life on many levels (internally and externally).  I am looking at where I am and where I am going a bit differently, and am allowing the changes to take place through a place of deep and unconditional trust.  I am reconnecting to part of my path that are calling to me, and am being kind to myself a bit more.

Spiritual transformation takes many forms, and sometimes we have to step into and out of our lives to gain perspective.  One of the things I did when I went to on my trip was to ask the universe to give me clear signs as to the changes I needed to make… and so my perception opened, and I listened deeply.

I’m going to be writing a series of articles relating my processes moving forward and reflections on the deeper changes that are taking place.  Fasting, writing, loving, being, meditating, yoga, silence and a bit of solitude are now part of my experience.  My processes are mine, but it is my hope that we can share, learn from one another, and grow through the beauty of our shared experience.


What changes are you making, and what is changing you?

When you venture into a retreat, take a pilgrimage, or attend an event–how do you integrate what you bring back from the experience into your life?


You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.

Michael A Brazell





Pilgrimage to the Heart

I’ve been moving through a lot of new energy over the past few months.  Things are manifesting, growing, evolving and in that process sometimes we can lose perspective of what is necessary and calling us from our core.   Sometimes, in order to gain/claim perspective it is important for us to step out of our normal space and into another.

I am taking a trip home to SC.  To me, this is more than just a trip to see my family (which is also equally important), but it is also a time for me to gain some perspective on things in my life, my training, what I am creating, and who I am.  Going back to a place that is home, a place where there are deep roots is great for this purpose  I am taking this time to also clean up/out some things that need cleaning.  I am going raw for the time I am down in SC, taking minimal stuff, and making a plan to completely declutter my life when I get back.  I am planning to do a lot of writing, contemplating and just enjoying the trip.

Pilgrimages can be done in our own backyards, and this is another thing I am gong to do when I get back.  Taking time to just be in our own energy, to explore what is right around us, to see Her mysteries moving through and with us, and to be in the presence of our own divinity.  I plan on making changes when I get back, some big, some small.

One thing to keep in mind when planning to take on something like this… a pilgrimage should not be an escape, but should be an action of moving into something.  What are you seeking, what is seeking you… what steps will you take to do the work?

I’ll post more on this later, but wanted to get some initial thoughts on this blog before I head out.

What are your thoughts on journeys, pilgrimages, and detachment/perspective work?

You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.

Mike Brazell



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