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The Practice of Gratitude

gratitudeYou only need to do a quick Google search on the “science of gratitude” to see that there is power in being thankful.

Many spiritual teachers (myself included) often assign gratitude journals to help us look for those things to be grateful for daily.  When we move into a place where we be in gratitude for the smallest things we can shift patterns, thoughts, and limitations in the moment.

One of the struggles that I see in this exercise is that we often try to force the practice.  We open our journals, and we sit.. stare at the blank page, tap our pens… and feel the resistance that is sometimes present in spiritual work.  One way to breakthrough this is to start where you are, “I am thankful for this journal, I am thankful for the ears that allow me to hear the tapping of this pen… (then deeper), I am thankful for my resistance, I am thankful for the thoughts that are moving in my mind, I am thankful for my struggles today and I am thankful for the contrast they offer my life, I am thankful for life…”

You can also write the same things more than once.   Our tendency is to try to find new things everyday to be grateful for… doesn’t have to be so.  Try to take the circle of gratitude outward, but do so when you are ready.

We have our journals, we have our affirmations, and most of that exists in the conceptual.  We have found gratitude, now it is time to extend it and to LIVE it.  Sharing gratitude is powerful, and makes it real.  Saying, “Thank you” to those you encounter, saying to loved ones, “I am grateful for you.”, doing acts of kindness without expectation of return, all allow us to experience gratitude.  When we take gratitude off the paper and out of the mind it becomes real.

What are you grateful for today?  How are you going to Live Gratitude today?

You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.

Namaste and Blessed Be.



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