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Pilgrimage to the Heart (Part 2)

543428_10200973243806535_281176769_nI’ve really been taking my time writing this follow-up post.  There is a lot changing for me, not only in the way I am personally engaging my spirituality and path, but how I am relating to other.  Lots of wonderful movement is occurring, and my biggest lesson is stepping back and allowing the changes to take place.  I think too often I get in my own way, I feel that I “have to do”, rather than just hold presence.  Taking the trip to South Carolina opened me up to a lot of things that I needed to see.  I won’t be sharing all of the changes here, as those are meant just for me.  My journal is now my constant companion, as is a mala (I take different ones out depending on the day, my mood, and which one calls to me from my altar).

I had the opportunity to sit with my past in interesting ways.  I found a stack of my old journals.  Many of them leading up to my transition to DC, and I even found one that I kept for my first year in the Navy.  Seeing my personal transformation through these texts really brought me into a deep place of gratitude for where I am, and all the beautiful trials and tribulations along the way.  Getting to be with family helped me to root, to ground, and to just be me for a bit.  I didn’t have to be a teacher, a student, a psychic, a healer, and sometimes when we have the opportunity to step out of our roles we shake the wrinkles out–then we put our multicolored coats on once again.

Now that I am back into my routine, I am getting to live a lot of the changes that I experienced on my Pilgrimage.  I am in the process of de-cluttering my life on many levels (internally and externally).  I am looking at where I am and where I am going a bit differently, and am allowing the changes to take place through a place of deep and unconditional trust.  I am reconnecting to part of my path that are calling to me, and am being kind to myself a bit more.

Spiritual transformation takes many forms, and sometimes we have to step into and out of our lives to gain perspective.  One of the things I did when I went to on my trip was to ask the universe to give me clear signs as to the changes I needed to make… and so my perception opened, and I listened deeply.

I’m going to be writing a series of articles relating my processes moving forward and reflections on the deeper changes that are taking place.  Fasting, writing, loving, being, meditating, yoga, silence and a bit of solitude are now part of my experience.  My processes are mine, but it is my hope that we can share, learn from one another, and grow through the beauty of our shared experience.


What changes are you making, and what is changing you?

When you venture into a retreat, take a pilgrimage, or attend an event–how do you integrate what you bring back from the experience into your life?


You are Loved.  You are Beautiful.  You are Divine.

Michael A Brazell




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One comment on “Pilgrimage to the Heart (Part 2)

  1. I recently returned from a retreat myself, albeit a short one and not entirely solo (camping with a small spiritual group of friends over the weekend).

    You are so right that stepping back is an important part of spiritual growth and development. It is human nature to want to “do;” but the nature of spirituality is non-physical, and so there is very little “doing” involved most of the time.

    If you look at some of the great spiritual leaders of our past, you might notice that the vast majority of their “work” had nothing to do with “doing” things. They may have, for example, healed people…but they did not do so by engaging in lengthy surgery. The healing simply “was” because it was spiritual healing…it didn’t need to be performed in a physical way. (That is not to say that the healing performed by doctors is not extremely important and amazing; it is! But, I am merely trying to illustrate the difference between human doing and spiritual being.)

    As someone in my group this weekend pointed out…as a human, when we see something needing to be done, we want to get up and go do something to resolve the situation. But, getting up and doing something physical expends far more effort and energy than the spiritual resolution to the same situation. We had some interesting illustrations of this point throughout our retreat.

    This was one topic brought up for me during my retreat, and it is something I certainly will be seeking to apply in my life. Less doing; more being. Trying not to let the physical get in the way.

    How will I apply this in my life?

    First and foremost, by letting go of some of the commitments I’ve been hanging onto but not being fully vested in. It is impossible for me to be fully present in myself or in any situation if I am attempting to be present in too many places at once.

    Second, by connecting with myself, my guides, and the spiritual in general more. This means stepping back from the physical more often and truly being present in the spiritual during these times.

    A lot has been shown to me over the past month, and things are also changing for me. When I first began this journey, I began in my head… meaning I attempted to grasp and understand the spiritual with my human brain, which was frustrating and unsatisfying.

    I am slowly moving away from the human brain and letting go of the mental. At the moment, my hands are in my way (I am carrying far too much physically in the world — doing too many things), so that is where I will be working next :)

    And wow… did not mean to abduct your blog with my length response! haha

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