Yoga as Ritual

india-yoga_1666113iWe step into class.  We roll out our yoga mats.  We gather our tools: blocks, straps, blankets.  We set the tone for the journey that is about to unfold before us.  Yoga is a beautiful thing.  We each come to class for our own reasons, we set our individual intentions, and we bring the mystery of our lives to our mats.  As the class begins, we harmonize with others and begin to share our journey.  Yoga is community.  Yoga is much more than just physical movement.  Each time we do a downward dog, or take a deep breath we are breathing with everyone that has ever done those things, is doing those things.  Showing up is the first, and often the hardest step.  This is where the magic of your journey begins.


Yoga means to “yoke”, to unite, to bring together.  What in your life are you coming into union with?  What needs to be balanced?

One of the things that I hope to explore through this blog is how yoga can be used to enact magic in our everyday experience.  Yoga is breath, connected to movement, connected to energy, connected to will, engaging desire, and blessed with beautiful uncertainty.  Yoga is a lesson in learning to trust.  We learn to trust the instructor.  We learn to trust our own bodies.  We begin to step into a process that may be new and dangerous, but that is life… and what keeps us moving.

Our yoga mats are sacred space.   I often encourage my students to lay on their mats at home if they are facing struggle and uncertainty.  Our yoga mats are places of power, they hold the energy of our classes and are blessed by breath and sweat.  Just taking a moment outside of class to find where our practice intersects with our lives invites our practice into the other parts of self.

What is yoga to you?  What questions do you have?  Feel free to ask them below and I’ll try to address them in future posts.

You are Loved.  You are Beautiful. You are Divine.

Namaste :)

Mike Brazell CFT CSN MAT PAT





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2 comments on “Yoga as Ritual

  1. Hey :)

    I really like the idea to use the yoga mat as a magical tool and to connect with it outside of yoga practice. <3

    One question that is coming to me concerns personal power. I do understand how Yoga is a tool of spiritual transformation and liberation, but how can it be used for personal empowerment? How does liberation connect to and translate into a stronger connection to your own power and stregth? I have a gut feeling around this subject, but I'd love to read your thoughts on it. :)

    Looking forward to everything mala related as well. ;)


    • What a great question, thank you for asking it.

      “Yoga is a tool of spiritual transformation and liberation, but how can it be used for personal empowerment? How does liberation connect to and translate into a stronger connection to your own power and stregth?”

      -The very act of showing up to our practice is an act of empowerment. It is saying “I am here, and I am ready.” One thing that I often see, is that people use their practice as an escape. Yoga is not about getting away from the “stuff” in our minds and our lives, but it is an invitation for it all to join us on the mat. Through the movement of our bodies in class, we move the energy of our entire being, through the breath we lay an offering on the altar of our lives, we learn to breath in difficulty, we learn to fall, and we come into contact with pain, and release. Being embodied is to be liberated from the distractions that try and get us out of our personal power. Learning where our practice intersects our lives is an individual thing, and were magic true liberation can really happen.

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